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About The Expert Dance Company.

Welcome to one of Swedens most diverse companies in dancing and performance arts.

The Expert Dance Company is the female dance company that is known for its powerful means of expression, daring characters and extreme ideas. With productions that captures interest and provokes you, helps brining you to both tears and laughter.

We have been touring around Sweden och Scandinavia, where the company has contributed to the culture life and the dancing arts.

The Expert Dance Company was founded by Madeleine Marquart on the spring of 2012 during her time at the Balettakademien in Stockholm.

Together they founded the company to be able to perform at different performance forums. The Expert Dance Company soon became a name that spread and they started working with different projects around Sweden.

The Company is now working with several different projects and shows. To NOT set borders is the motto of the company. Expressions and the story is the most vital part, which makes The Expert Dance Company into a whole different concept.